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Friday, July 22, 2011

Second leg of my tour.

And so, here we are on Friday. After a decent night's sleep (save for the mild tossing and turning over whether or not to follow that cute girl that winked at me as I got off the elevator), I head down to wait for the shuttle bus. Ah, these people are so lucky, getting to wear shorts twelve months of the year.

I get to the convention center, bypassing it for Marriott Hall 2 once again for Comic-Con Film School 102: Production, in the hopes of better understanding what goes into making a movie...and, perhaps, making some connections in the bargain.

Huh. There's a panel in Hall H: Paramount: The Adventures of Tintin. They say that the film's director, Steven Spielberg (yes, the director of Always and 1941), is stopping by. Son of a bee sting. Maybe, I'd better aim a little lower. Oh, cool. There's a Spotlight on Patrick McDonnell in Room 5AB. As I'm sure I've made clear before, I love "Mutts". One of the best comic strips currently running. To meet him (and get an autograph on the "Mutts" collection I snagged from Borders a short while back) would make my day.

(Of course, this would mean that I'll miss the Nickelodeon & Dreamworks Animation: Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness panel in Room 6A. I truly hope the show premieres soon. What I saw of the show at the panel last year was quite enjoyable. Also, even though Kung Fu Panda 2 wasn't the monster hit it deserved to be, it'd be a shame to just sit on this show...especially since it seems that KFP3 is so obviously in the offing.)

Then, it's off to be starstruck in Room 6BCF for the Legendary (wait for it!) Pictures: Preproduction Preview panel: Jeff Bridges! Bradley Cooper! Idris Elba! Guillermo Del Toro! Alex Proyas! And many more!

Roaming around the Exhibit Hall and picking up a quick bite will lead me to the Indigo Ballroom for Adult Swim: Black Dynamite. I'm anxious to see the show and if it can be just as much ridiculous fun as the movie. Back to the Convention Center for more wandering and, hopefully, snapping some shots of cosplayers (I'm still miffed about missing a shot of the two cosplayers dressed as Kuzco and Pacha from The Emperor's New Groove last year).

Room 23ABC. Comedy Central: Ugly Americans. The new season is cracking me up so far. There are a number of panels I could head to from this point, such as The Art of the Comic Strip (Room 24ABC), to hear more from Patrick McDonnell, CBLDF: Can Comics Send You to Jail? (Room 26AB), to learn about the 1984-ish nonsense involving how having comic art on your person can land you in hot water or The Hub: Batman: 45th Anniversary of the Original Series (Room 23ABC) to see Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar.

However, my heart belongs to Room 6DE, for they will be hosting Rifftrax Live - Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett. Still, the best (and funniest) panel I attended last year.

As was done yesterday, Room 25ABC will be hosting the Hall H and Ballroom 20 Panel Playback. The primary things holding my interest are the Sony panel and the bits on Fright Night and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (which is finally seeing a release this year). A better ratio than last night, but I think I'll flip a coin. Who knows where that will lead? Ah, to hell with it. I might get to hear some cool stuff from the "Big Bang Theory" and "True Blood" panelists.

Back to my hotel. I get on the elevator...whoa. That girl I dreamt about...she's sucking me off right here. She doesn't care about the cameras, does she? Ohhhhhh. That felt good. Lucky thing we're the only people riding this car. (What? It's an imaginary trip. I'm not allowed to have some fun?!)



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