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Thursday, August 04, 2011

It's always somewhat depressing to see 'Going Out of Business' signs on any building, but for a movie/music/reading lover like myself, the depression that sets in at seeing the signs littering a bookstore like Borders is especially indescribable.

While this doesn't hit me quite as hard as FYE's closing last year, it still hurts to think that, soon enough, this place I loved going to will be no more.

And if seeing the outside gets you down, wait until you get inside. Sales galore, but you're just overwhelmed by all the merchandise that's available.

When the inevitable final sale is made, what then? What will become of the location? Will someone utilize the market space for a similar business or (more commonly) will the building just become another vacant eyesore in a city choked with them?

I think I know the answer. I always know.



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