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Monday, August 08, 2011

Saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Liked it very much. Not the point of this post.

In getting my snacks for the movie, this girl forgets to give me my soda and my change. The change was .25, but she gives me .75. "Stop whining! You got more money." As someone who works in customer service, I understand the importance of paying attention to my register, something that she didn't understand and will likely get her fired someday.

In leaving the parking lot, I try to drive out, but light construction work blocks my path. Two women linger around the only way out. Are they looking for a space? Under this assumption, I wave one of them past...something that takes her 30 seconds (at least) to figure out. The other just sits there, like she forgot everything about knowing how to drive.

In getting a birthday present for my da at Bed Bath and Beyond, I come across a doddering fool of a saleswoman. I ask her about a shower radio and she could not be any more vague. The best solution is to ask another employee for help. However, the joke's on me: there fucking aren't any!

Why is it that every other woman (non-related division) I run into seems to be in a never-ending competition for 'Biggest Twat in the History of Creation'? Is it too much to ask to associate with women who are smart, attentive and not-bad looking? That's not terribly unreasonable, is it?

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