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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lost in the stacks. (Irresistible)

I love comic books. I've been collecting for roughly the last decade. However, I'm not drawn toward traditional titles. Somehow, I gravitate toward limited-run titles. These comics, more often than not, fall through the cracks and are forgotten, lost to time. This column aims to shine a light on these titles and, hopefully, make them some new fans...or draw out the old ones.

Ah, love. Is there a stronger or more intangible emotion in existence? What is it that draws two people together and compels them to share their lives and souls with each other? Also, how can one tell the difference between love and lust? What seperates a desire to spend one's life with someone else from a desire for a couple of hours of sin? If you couldn't tell by now, I am still single. Of course, given the events of this title, maybe it's for the best.

Allen Keeg is a sick man, inasmuch that he's afflicted with that most common of ailments: a broken heart. Despite the fact that his ex, Leigh, gave him his walking papers, he still can't help calling her up in the vain hope for a second chance. One night, Allen rescues an old woman from a mugging. It turns out that the old woman is a Gypsy and, faster than you can say 'no good deed goes unpunished', Allen is a babe magnet, humping and dumping every skirt within breathing distance.

It's basically that one episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" taken to dark (hey, this is a Zenescope title) extremes. At first, this is a very good thing (personally, I fail to see how it wouldn't be a good first). But when you have girls beating each other up for you or breaking into your place and spilling their blood for you, the 'oh, shit!' meter goes up to 11.

If this were all to the narrative, "Irresistible" would feel a little thin. Eventually, the history of the Gypsy comes to light, making for the craziest aspect of the comic, by far. (This is prefaced by an amusing revelation about her muggers.) There was something of a problem, though: it's a little hard to sympathize with Allen. Even before embarking on the desperate path to rid himself of this curse, it's a little sad (in more ways than one) to see Allen bitching about Leigh, knowing full well that she's moved on. Maybe, it's true to life, but give me a break.

One thing I was a little surprised with/disappointed at: no relatives for Allen (i.e. an aunt or estranged mother; seriously, how could such a scene not write itself?). Some may frown at the endorsement of incest, but considering the ever-darker nature of the story, writer Raven Gregory may as well have said, 'why the hell not?'.

Even with the insanity that this title sinks to, the art remains enjoyable throughout (hey, this is a Zenescope title); the scenery is lush and the women are suitably gorgeous.

Overall, "Irresistible" will keep you curious about how it resolves itself, though I wouldn't exactly call it a 'must-get'; more of a 'must-read-on-the-racks'.

Grade: B-



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