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Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Year's resolutions.

There are things we promise ourselves we'll do every year to improve our lives or our station in life. Surprisingly, so do I. Nothing foolish like 'Cut down on the chocolate' or 'no more self-gratification' because who really keeps resolutions like that? Fucking no one, is who. I'd like to think that I'm capable of keeping these resolutions just fine:

One word: confidence! - Don't have it. Apparently, I need to get it to achieve my goals. I miss the days when things worked out for the least repugnant people. That was once a thing, right?

Move to another town - My folks are driving me nuts. My job is driving me nuts. Well, let's just say it: this town is driving me nuts. What I wouldn't give to make a fresh start in another part of the world with people I don't know and a job where morons wouldn't be drawn into my orbit. Of course, I can't start a new life on hope; it takes money, and how does one obtain money? Robbery? Male prostitution? Pyramid schemes? All good answers, class, but I was thinking of something else, like...

Sell a screenplay - Yes, sell a screenplay. Not plan out a screenplay. Not finish a screenplay (though those two tasks are certainly in the cards). Sell. One's a genre-bender that I'm in the midst of proofing. The other's a low-budget thriller that needs the smallest of tweaks. Hollywood claims to be looking for good scripts. I'm gonna find out.

Learn to play a musical instrument - This was on my list for last year, but I never got around to it. I really would like to, though. Whether in a concert hall or on the street for change, something like this would certainly get people's attention.

Learn to cook - As I mentioned before, I love food and seeing various shows and online articles has planted a seed. Also, this (like the previous entry) could gain me special, female-type attention. (BTW, 'losing my virginity' is not appearing on this list. One must walk before they can run.)

Sell some CDs - I'm too lazy to count, but I own somewhere between 500 and 600 CDs. I don't listen to many of them except on the composer's birthdays, but there are those I've grown bored with and yet, they take up space on my shelf. How I look forward to the time when I don't have to arrange CDs by label in order to have enough room. It seems so long ago when I was able to do that.

Shoot a short film - People do this all the time: getting some people together and slapping a short on YouTube. I've had a video camera for roughly the last five years. If it's not choked with dust by this point, I could get something off the ground. The only question: will this be a fake trailer or just a regular short?

Get a new &!%#&!#$ computer - Let me tell you a little something about the computer I currently have: it freezes up constantly. It runs out of space every week. It's not compatible with Sony Vegas. Clearly, you can see the bind I'm in. Plus, with Best Buy threatening to go out of business, it'd be foolish not to get a new one. (I can say, with certainty, that this resolution will be the easiest of all.)

Well. Let's get to it.

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