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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Man, I thought the weather in my hometown was punishing. Still, it's a nice day out. Every couple feet on 1st Avenue, there's someone advertising a screening or a party of some kind.

I whip out my phone. I check my Twitter feed:

artbyangieg: "At Bill Plympton panel. Good way to recover from crappy morning. #SDCC"

Okay, I think she's still upset.

God, what a nice city. Almost makes me wonder what the place looks like the other 361 days of the year.


Crossed over from G Street to 5th Avenue. I whip out this guide of San Diego my mom got me a few years ago (hey, you never know). I stop in front of the Llewelyn Building.

"Over the years, it has been home to hotels of various names with unsavory reputations. Today, the Llewelyn houses a colorful hostel."

I have to get a shot.


Lot of neat architecture in San Diego. The Yuma Building. The Keating Building. Old City Hall.

Maybe, I ought to plan another trip here.

For now, though, I'm starving.


So many choices. Seafood? Nah. Burgers? I don't know. Mexican? Well, I am near Mexico. Certainly, the food should be marvelous.


So many restaurants to choose from. I chose La Puerta. Not sure what that could mean. Maybe, I should've paid more attention in Spanish.

Still waiting on my food. Very nice atmosphere.


My Southern Cal Burrito is here. I have to get a shot of this before it disappears. It looks tantalizing.

I take a bite. Even more tantalizing than it looks.

Note to self: Angie's coming here before we leave, even if I have to drag her here, caveman-style.


A little late for "Breaking into Hollywood and Comic Scriptwriting" but I hope that-- holy crap, is that Max from "Living Single" on the panel?! When did she become a writer?

In any case, I hope to pick up some good tips here. Lord knows I need all the help I can get.



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