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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Okay. good-ass burrito, but lugging it and myself back to the Con wasn't easy.


Given my curiosity about the art of cartoon voice acting, it's strange that I'm only getting to see "I Know That Voice" now. You'd think I'd already have it in my collection.

These clips are pretty damn neat. I must get the DVD.


Cool panel. Some really funny stuff from the panelists. I just need to make my way to the next panel. Huh. Just saw "Valk" taking a picture of The Lego Movie's Wyldstyle. I'm sure I'll get my shot.


Loving this movies of 1984 panel. As I'm sure I said before, there really is nothing like living vicariously through other's experiences. In fact, with the influx of panels like this, I can't help but think that I was born way too late to truly enjoy this kind of stuff. Oh, well.


Yet another film music panel. This one focuses on composers for superhero movies. I'm really surprised that Graeme Revell is doing "Gotham". I guess I'll have to watch it, now.


About to watch a clip from Guardians of the Galaxy. Could this be the score that turns me around on Tyler Bates?


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