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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Update on the phone situation: haven't heard word one from the owners of the kiosk. I can only assume that the phone is lost to the ages...and maybe it's just as well. The contacts I had can always be inputted to a new phone and the pictures and videos I took (save one picture that I took only days before I lost my phone and I can always retake that) were saved on a flash drive. Perhaps, this is the universe's way of telling me to honor my New Year's resolution to let things go.

Also, I applied for a call center job the other day. I expect to hear back from them on Monday and if I'm successful, I'm gonna find myself juggling two jobs. Not easy, I wager, but if I'm able to pay off my debts faster, I'm all for it. I have credit cards, a car note, rent, a phone bill. When does my money belong to me?

On the creative front: I checked Scriptshadow's open thread for the weekend and someone posted an idea that has me excited for writing a script like I haven't been in an age. I'd say more, but there are thieves out there, even if you think the universe doesn't pay attention to you. I mean, look at my phone.

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