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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Went on a little scavenger hunt today. Within two rooms (my current bedroom and the den/office that used to be my room), I was trying to locate four items:

  • my new health insurance card (for my impending doctor's appointment)
  • a nail file that I use for a pencil sharpener
  • two "Batman" comics that I misplaced during the move
  • the track listings I'd made for the score to Outbreak
Making the task that much harder are a) I couldn't remember exactly where they were and b) we have a shitton of stuff in the house, the two rooms included. My folks don't seem to want to get rid of it and I have a fair amount of stuff accrued myself.

Apparently, I'd set aside the health insurance card some time ago, figuring that I'd need to go to the doctor, sooner or later. One item down.

I'd somewhat remembered that I put the nail file on my dresser, but there was a bunch of crap on top of it. I cleared it away and, lo and behold, there it was. (Before I figured this out, I pulled my dresser out. If I had a dollar for every time something fell behind that damn thing in my life...) Two items down.

I just about tore apart the old room searching for the track listings. Given that it's a slip of paper and I've accrued a bunch of them for track listings and potential ones, it was damn near impossible. The room was pretty cluttered, so I did a bit of tidying up. It's still cluttered, but more navigatible and less disgustingly hideous to look at than it was this morning and that's what matters, right? I found it not far from my desk. Three items down.

As for the comics...I imagine I could just rebuy them for super cheap at this point, but still, it's the principle. How I hate when you can never find something right when you need it.

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