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Friday, July 01, 2016

Would I have seen this? - the summer of 1981.

Every summer sees its share of different movies. However, as it happens, I'm curious about the summers of the past. I've read about a number of movies from various sources. Sometimes, they catch my fancy. Sometimes, they don't. This column will look back at those bygone summers to see if I would've spent money on them...and to make things easier on myself, I'll only be looking back at summers within my lifetime.

The summer of 1981. Having just entered the world, I doubt I knew anything of movies, but that summer saw a lot of different ones:

King of the Mountain - Drama about racing down a mountain. Can't say I'm too intrigued.

Honky Tonk Freeway - From the director of Midnight Cowboy and Marathon Man comes this comedy about a new highway passing over a small town and what its residents intend to do about that. Looks more charming than it appears at face value. The interesting cast helps.

Gas - All I was able to glean from this in its 30-second TV spot is that it's a comedy (of sorts) and cars are crashing. Pass.

The Fan - High-end variation on the slasher movies of the day (and from Friday the 13th's studio!), with 'admirer' Michael Biehn terrorizing superstar Lauren Bacall. Meh.

Student Bodies - Silly spoof of the slasher movies of the day (and from Friday the 13th's studio!). Somewhat amusing, somewhat obvious, but it's gotta be less obnoxious than Wacko, right?

Gallipoli - Two friends going off to fight in World War I. I've never been much into war movies, so...pass.

Prince of the City - A cop blows the whistle on corruption on his department, then he's targeted by fellow cops. I'm not sure. I've heard this was pretty long.

Deadly Blessing - Three women are terrorized by members of an ancient sect. Looks pretty creepy, and I don't just mean Ernest Borgnine's Amish beard.

Wolfen - Something is stalking the streets of New York City and ripping apart citizens. Could it have something to do with the property developments? Pretty heavy for a werewolf movie...okay, wait, are they werewolves or just wolves? Ah, I'll sure I'll figure it out.

Victory - POWs in a Nazi camp having to play soccer. Kind of like that movie, The Longest Yard. Sounds cool.

Blow Out - Sound recordist John Travolta hears something that he wasn't supposed to hear. I run hot and cold on Brian De Palma, but I have a feeling about this one.

First Monday in October - Comedy-drama about the first female Supreme Court Justice (that's a weird notion, ain't it?). Looks interesting and who doesn't love Walter Matthau?

The Legend of the Lone Ranger - The story of the Lone Ranger? Could be neat.

S.O.B. - Hollywood satire from the guy who did the Pink Panther movies. Looks funny and does Mary Poppins really whip out her boobs? Whoa.

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia - Kristy McNichol and Dennis Quaid are siblings looking for success on the country-music circuit. Based on the hit song, this seems more at home running on Showtime than in a theater.

Outland - High Noon, but in space. I don't know. Wait, Sean Connery's in it? When does this come out?

Take this Job and Shove It - Fresh off of Airplane!, Robert Hays is a junior executive chosen to shut down business in his old hometown, only to side with his old pals. Looks all right. Would've made a killer double-bill with Honky Tonk Freeway, I bet.

Eye of the Needle - Nazi agent Donald Sutherland vs. soldier's wife Kate Nelligan. Looks fairly interesting.

Under the Rainbow - Suggested by the true story of a hotel housing the midgets...sorry, little people who would play the Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz. Seems like it would make a neat book, as opposed to a Wacky-with-a-capital-W comedy. Not sure what drew Chevy Chase and Carrie Fisher to the project, but how much you wanna bet it rhymes with 'hack trail'?

Body Heat - Modern variation on film noir. Looks nice and steamy. Might check it out.

Escape from New York - Kurt Russell in bombed-out New York. I've always wanted to go to New York. This looks pretty cool, though I hope it doesn't look like this when I get there.

Private Lessons - Smutty-looking sex comedy where a young teen is initiated into the ways of sexual prowess by an older woman. A tired story like this can get by on style. Sadly, that doesn't seem to have occurred to these filmmakers.

An American Werewolf in London - Horror comedy bout an unlucky American attacked by a strange creature. I really liked Animal House, so this could be worth checking out.

Endless Love - Two teens fall in love, leading to melodramatic consequences. Catchy song, but it takes more than that to make a movie. Much more.

The Great Muppet Caper - Miss Piggy is accused of stealing a diamond necklace, and her friends try to clear her name. It's the Muppets. Why not?

Bustin' Loose - Ex-con Richard Pryor helps transport teacher Cicely Tyson and a group of kids cross-country. Looks amusing.

History of the World, Part I - Mel Brooks takes us on a trip through history. Honestly, you had me at 'Mel Brooks'.

Tarzan, the Ape Man - The girl from 10 is Jane. I don't know. Was never much of a Tarzan fan.

The Fox and the Hound - I really like Disney movies, the animation more than the live action, so...yeah.

Clash of the Titans - I've heard so much about these movies with Ray Harryhausen effects. It's about time I check one of them out.

The Four Seasons - Three couples get together once every season. Doesn't really look like my scene, even with Carol Burnett and Hawkeye from "M*A*S*H".

For Your Eyes Only - Roger Moore returns as James Bond, but his movies have been pretty goofy. This one could turn out well, though.

The Cannonball Run - Burt Reynolds and his pals in a big car race. Sometimes, you're not looking for a movie with deep meaning. Sometimes, you just wanna laugh.

Stripes - Bill Murray joins the Army. To paraphrase myself, you had me at 'Bill Murray'.

Arthur - Dudley Moore is a millionaire looking for love. Seems charming enough, but I just know that that laugh is gonna drive me batty.

Superman II - Superman versus three criminals with all his powers? Hell yeah! Definitely want to see this someday.

Raiders of the Lost Ark - Harrison Ford in a Steven Spielberg movie? Just try and stop me from seeing this.

Can't wait for next summer.



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