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Saturday, April 01, 2017

Works of Art.

One composer I feel doesn't get enough credit is Arthur B. Rubinstein. I've mentioned him before and hope that more of his music can get released. In a dialogue I had with a soundtrack label head honcho, his response to my query about more Rubinstein releases in the near-future was 'Probably'*. Beats the hell out of 'No', that's for damn sure.

Somewhat off-topic, but the papers I used for track listings have disappeared, which is unfortunate, as I really wanted to share posts on John Morris' Fresno and Dominic Frontiere's Don't Go to Sleep. I suppose I'll have to do them over again. It's a good thing that the movies are on are a number of TV movies scored by Arthur B. Rubinstein. As one of the people who cares to see his music released, it will be my pleasure to go through his CV and post the track listings for his scores.

In addition to his TV movie scores, it'd be really nice to see a release of his "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" music. Listen to this suite and try to tell me you wouldn't want the same:

* - He likely meant a re-issue of WarGames or a premiere release of Blue Thunder, but, good as those scores are, this is a mere scratching of the surface.

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