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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

A published author, at last.

Now, I've been collecting film music for...if we're counting CDs I've bought with my own money, 20 years next March (for CDs gifted to me, 20 years this Christmas). I've noticed film music longer than that and there are a number of scores that have made my most wanted list, a good portion ultimately appearing as premiere releases or expansions of titles with abbreviated initial releases.

If you've read the blog (...), you'll notice that I've done write-ups of various soundtracks or favorite themes. Only recently, I joined the staff of a film music magazine and, only hours ago, I sent in my review of a CD that's a premiere release of a long-awaited title (or an expansion of a promo CD, if you're into semantics).

Seriously, to go from watching a movie and desiring a release of the film's music to writing (and having published) a review of said release.

To quote a famed secret agent, "I must be dreaming.".

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