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Friday, August 19, 2011

Car trouble.

Yes, I have been away from this blog for a while. I wanted to post a 'Random Thoughts' post around Friday or Saturday last week, but I've been greatly preoccupied with something.

It started on Friday when I was driving to work. The car ride was far bumpier than I was used to. I was worried about what my father would say (it's more his car than mine, or was; more on that later), so I checked under the hood, even though I hadn't the first fucking clue what to do. I drove it home, hoping it would be nothing.

The following morning, Dad has me take the car around the block. The problem? The car seemed to have...sunk. (i.e. there was no space between the wheels and the frame of the car). I was worried a) that I had killed the car and b) it would cost more to repair than I possess.

I tend to worry far more than is necessary, so, for the next few days, before I can get it to a repair shop, I am sweating bullets about the car and what to do. Wednesday morning rolls around and I follow my mother to the repair shop. The guy theorizes that it could be the airbags that need replacing (according to my father, the car had air suspension and that it needed a few moments before driving so the airbags could fill up) and that they'd be $1500 each. I am freaking out until I check online that the car has two instead of the feared four. I could probably pay that off with a loan and credit.

Thursday after work, I get the news. It would cost $3800 to fix the car. However, this car was in existence for 16 years and the sides (and bottom, I would later learn) were rusted out, so spending all that money to repair a probably unfixable automobile would be downright foolish...and suicidal; apparently, the gas tank was likely to fall out. Pair that with sparks and kablooey! To borrow a line from Land of the Lost, "fascinating, but terrifying". seems that I'll have to eventualy get a new car. At the moment, I have no idea what kind of car I want (well, I'd love a Mini Cooper, but height and money issues are tripping me up). I just want something a) cheap and b) that will get me where I want to go. Hopefully, things will work out.

More good news: I don't think I'll have to cancel my trip to New York Comic-Con after all.

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