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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cleveland (for Buffalo? Someone's head is full of) rocks!

Now, one of my most frequented sites is ScriptShadow, which reviews a lot of new and old scripts...well, new scripts were on the menu until people started whining about how the site was bad for business and too critical and 'stop paying attention to the man behind the curtain'. Whiny pricks.

Anyway, every December, a list of the year's best scripts are assembled on what is called 'The Black List'. This past December, the top script was a little something called Draft Day. It tells of how the general manager of the Buffalo Bills was attempting to get a good draft pick to turn around his team's fortunes. As a lifelong Buffalo native, I couldn't help but be intrigued, especially since it was believed that the film would be shooting in my hometown.

In searching through the old newspapers from the last couple weeks, I happen upon an article mentioning the impending production of Draft Day. Kevin Costner is signed to play the GM under the direction of Ivan Reitman. A big-name star and (for a time, at least) a top comedy director. Fuckin' A, baby! An opportunity for me to see the ins and outs of movie making. Of course, I'd be missing a lot of work, but the reward will far outweigh the risk...

Lionsgate moving film production to Cleveland


Apparently, it's much cheaper to film in the home of Howard the Duck than it is to film here. Not only that, but Costner's character is now the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. You mean to tell me that, with the cash flow from the Hunger Games and Tyler Perry franchises, Lionsgate couldn't pay the extra cash needed to film here? Geez, Lionsgate, at least fork over the cash for some decent lube if you're gonna fuck a whole city over like this.

Perhaps, this is Buffalo's lot in life. Not too long ago, I found out that similar penny-pinching kept a chase scene from Salt from being filmed here. And then there's Bruce Almighty, ostensibly set in Buffalo, but sadly reduced to second unit stuff. (Of course, my problems extend beyond the setting; Jim Carrey's forced catchphrases, for one.)

Looks like it's up to me to film a movie here. (Not a lot of them, though. I've grown so disillusioned with this place, it'd give me a migraine.)

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