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Thursday, July 18, 2013


"Behind the Music with CW3PR". Okay, most of it is just talking about songs, but they do have composers on the panel. Just a matter of waiting...


Well, that was a fine little panel. Not as good as the one from this morning, but not bad.

Been passing a lot of cosplayers on my way to Room 26AB. At least six of them were dressed as SheZow. One of them was actually a least, I think it was a girl. Her boobs were real. In any event, she was cute.

"Hey, stranger."

I turn around. It's Angelica. She doesn't look as upset as she was this morning. That's a good sign.

"Hey, there."

"Make it good. I ducked out of the "Hannibal" panel for this."

I whip out the gift card.

"There's still $490 on this thing."

"You only spent ten dollars?"

"Guy's gotta eat. I'm gonna let you have it."

"For the rest of the Con?"

"When do I get to use it?"

"You had all day."

"I forgot I even had the card."

"How do you forget a giant wad like that in your pocket?"

"It's surprisingly easy."

"Well, I should get to use it."

"Okay. How about you get it for one day and I get it for one day, then, on Sunday, we go on a shopping spree together and take advantage of the discounts?"

"Sounds good, but I call Friday!"

"All right. I suppose that Saturday will be fine."

"Cool. By the way, why'd you want to meet at 26AB?"

"Tournament of Nerds is about to start. Join me?"

"Nah. I'm gonna hit up "Law in a Zombie Apocalypse"."

"Okay. Catch you later."



Good panel, but I'm feeling a little tired. Damn good thing I don't have too far to go.

I stumble down the escalator toward the first floor and out the door.

The Hilton isn't too far. Damn this inner clock of mine.

Still, it'll be nice to get into my comfy bed. A little sad to go to be so early, but I can't help it.

Besides, it'll be good to get rested for tomorrow.

Night, all.



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