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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Don't say...the Zed word...It's ridiculous."

Despite my misgivings about That Shot, World War Z was actually decent, save for its off-putting streak of unintentional comedy (anyone who says that they can take seriously the scene where the young scientist trips and shoots himself in the head is a goddamn liar).

The third act, however, shuffled off the silliness and won me over with its genuine suspense. Weird to think that this sequence was the result of reshoots. I read about the original ending not too long ago. It may have been more action-packed, but a moment involving Brad Pitt's character's wife...

I have no shame about saying that that ending would've a) sucked ass and balls and cock all at the same time and b) caused me to piss on the movie screen, a la Duckman.

Sometimes, overhauling a project does work.

If the impending sequel will actually follow the book, only time will tell.

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