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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Holy crap, John DiMaggio and Grey DeLisle joined the panel! I've gone from 'incredibly intrigued' to 'super intrigued'.


Awesome panel. I say it a lot, but I can't help it. May as well check Twitter:

artbyangieg: 'Last day of #SDCC. Hoping to score some good deals.'

Okay. There's only one place she can be.


Okay, one ginormous place she can be. Like finding a needle in a mountain of haystacks. I wander around. Still so much to see.


"Hey, stranger."

I turn around. "Hey." I stare at her for a bit. She just looks at me. She's really not gonna say anything about this morning?

"Well, what are you waiting for? Next year's Comic-Con? Let's go!"

I rush after her.


Angie and I sit at a table admiring our haul. The card is depleted, but the booty is awesome.

Her take? Two shirts, an old Starship Troopers poster and a lot of manga.

Mine? A "Regular Show" shirt and the titles "Mind the Gap", "Too Cool to Be Forgotten", "We Can Fix It" and "Box Office Poison".

The stuff is nice, but we really need to talk about this.


"Oh, man, the 'Disney Afternoon' panel's about to start. Come with me?"

"Okay, but we need to talk about this mor--" She drags me along.


I can't believe how much I didn't know about these shows...and I generally look stuff like this up out of boredom.

Angie seems to be enjoying herself. Why is she avoiding this? Is this a game to her?

Am I making too much of this?


Just want to get a last look at the place until next year. Angie's at something called "Turning Your Left Brain Power into Drawing Skills".

God, I'm gonna miss this place.


"The Battle for Multicultural Heroes". May as well, what with being Black and all.


Informative panel. I head back for the hotel room. First, I get a shot of people leaving the convention center.


Okay. Stuff's all packed, including clothes and swag. From the look of the room, Angie's already packed her stuff and left. I can't help but wonder if she'll ever tell me what this morning was about.


I head down for the lobby to check out. I glance toward the exit. The airport shuttle pulls up in front. Cool. Saves me the trouble of calling a cab.

I go out and load my stuff into the trunk. I see that someone has already packed.

I go to the back seat, unprepared for my fellow passenger.

"Hey, stranger."


"All right, Angie, talk. What was this morning about?"

"You didn't like having a girl in bed with you?"

"I'm serious."

"Okay. Remember how you lied to your job to cover your ass to enjoy this little trip?"


"Well, they're gonna figure it out, eventually. I just figured you deserved some comfort before losing your job."

"Thanks...I guess. Any chance we could've gone, you know, further?"

"What do you take me for, a slut?"


"So, when's your flight leaving?"

"I got a flight to LAX at 7:30, then a stop in Cleveland, then I'm home. You?"

"My flight to O'Hare leaves at 9:00, so I'll be here a while."

"I had a great time...with you. I mean, sure, in general, but..."

Angie hugs me. "Take care."

"Thanks. You, too."

We each go out separate ways. Different airlines, you know?

I promise, I'm gonna be worthy of her yet.



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