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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Crap, crap, crap! This line is ridiculous, but there's no volunteer planting a flag, so I'm safe.

Shit! Speak of the devil, he shall appear. I close my eyes again.

He stops four people behind me. So close.

What's this? The line's moving? Marvelous!


Turns out the "Once Upon a Time" panel ran long. The "Futurama" panel is just getting started. Awesome how that worked out.


The newest episode, "Saturday Morning Fun Pit" gets shouted down by the crowd. Screw the lemmings. I stand up.

"It was hilarious!"

Now, it's my turn to get shouted down by the crowd. Goddamn lemmings.


That one bit of unpleasantness aside, what a fantastic panel. Good Lord, I'm gonna miss this show.


The "Cartoon Voices" panel gears up. I'm just so giddy at the familiar names (and voices).


I will never get tired of witnessing a voice actor jam session. I figure I could try back at Ballroom 20 for the "American Dad" panel or I could hit up the convention floor.


Ah, the convention floor. So very much to do and see and buy. Good God, that woman dressed as Hello Nurse...whoa! Must get a shot.


I stop by booth 2000 (the right one) and chat up "Love and Capes" creator Thom Zahler.

I've got the nerve. I've got the money. As such, I'm gonna ask for a picture I've long wanted to see: Abby's sister Charlotte as a superheroine. I get the sense she'd love it a little too much, but it must be done.


Awesome picture. I'm gonna cherish this. Off to the Paul Dini panel. If he's as witty in real life as his writing, I'm in for a treat.


What a great panel. I could listen to Dini talk for hours. Now, I'm on my way to the Sails Pavilion.


I prepare my DVD sleeve of Better Off Dead (though, sweet Jesus, do I wish they used some less ludicrous cover art) for a signature from none other than Monique herself, Diane Franklin.

Oh, man, it's my turn.

"Hello", Miss Franklin says. Wow. She doesn't seem to have aged much over the years.

"Hi." I present the Better Off Dead sleeve. "I love this movie."

"Thanks. I love it, too."

"I just wish they used a better cover for the DVD."

She laughs a little. "Yeah." She signs John Cusack's forehead. "Well, thanks for coming."

"Thank you. Have a nice day."

I walk away, almost on air. I mean, it's not like I had a crush on her or anything, but she was very nice.


The cosplay here is nuts. Powdered Toast Man. A dachshund dressed as a Jedi. Tetris pieces. Sexy Puss in Boots.

Thankfully, I capture them all on Kind of.

There has to be something to do soon. Better check the schedule.



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