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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Friday, 2:53am

I glance around. Looks like I made it to my room after all. Angelica sleeps soundly in the other bed. Good that she made it back, too.

Hmmm. Nothing on television at 3 in the morning and even if there were, I don't think I'd want to dig the hole deeper.

I take a peek out of the window. San Diego looks lovely at this time of night. The lights. The sights. The people. I got to get a shot of this.

I turn my phone on and smother it with my pillow. Like I said, Angelica's asleep.

I go to the 'camera' function and tiptoe to the window. Good thing I turned off the flash.

Two shots. Both lovely.

I hop back into my bed and I close my eyes again.


I'm awake...again. I take a glance over. Angelica's gone. Probably off getting breakfast. My ears fully adjust to the world. I hear the shower on. Okay. No breakfast yet.

The water stops.

"Shower's free." Angie, wearing nothing but a towel, gives me the once-over. "Looks like you could use it."

I take a look at myself. Indeed, I did fall asleep in yesterday's clothes. Huh. I didn't think I was that tired.


Pancakes, eggs, bacon...another delicious room service breakfast. This time, Angie was awake for it.

I check to see if I have everything ready. Guess I do.



"$490 that you promised me."

"Oh, right." I pull out the gift card, but before I part with it... "I would like there to be something on it for tomorrow."

"What do you take me for?" Angie takes the card from me.

"So, shall we off?"



"A lot of people at Indigo Ballroom. Regular Show panel about to start! #SDCC"

I find a seat a few rows from the front. It would've been really embarrassing if I couldn't get in. After all, I'm just a few floors up.

"Excuse me."

I glance to my left. A little girl, can't be more than 12, dressed up like Eileen. I'm getting a picture, period.

So adorable. I get up to let her through the row.

I fish out my phone. Not a lot of juice left on it. I forgot to turn it off this morning.

I dig through my backpack. My charger's back in my room. This is all I need.


The "Regular Show" panel draws to a close.  Very entertaining. I hurry toward "Eileen" and ask to snap a picture. She obliges. Awesome.

I hurry out of the Ballroom. I need that freakin' charger. A lot of people seem to be staying for the "Adventure Time" panel. I don't know. That show seems to have gotten too odd for its own good. That's just me, though.


Got the charger and now, I rush for the elevator. Thankfully, I make it before it closes.

There's one other person on the car. Looks like they've hit the 'G' button.

As the car moves down, I start noticing things about the guy. For one, he's not in costume. Second, he seems to be about my age, if not younger. Most importantly, he's wearing a badge. I take a peek at the name on it:

"Douglas Neff."

"Oh, hello."

"Hi. I meant to go to your panel yesterday."

"Too bad you weren't there. I had some useful tips."

"Any chance I could get the Cliffs Notes version?"

He thinks it over. "Okay. You seem like a decent guy. What are you interested in?"

"Making movies."

"Have you shot anything?"


"Well, that's a good start. Write something, shoot it with your friends--"

"I don't have any friends."

"Well, do you have siblings?"


"Maybe they can help you. The important thing is to see where you want to be, then work backwards to achieve that."


The car makes it to the ground floor. My, was that a slow ride.

Neff waves goodbye.

Well, that was fun. I check my schedule. What the hell do I do now?


Ah, walking the convention floor. Checking out the merchandise. Snapping pictures of cosplayers...

Things I would love to be doing if I didn't have to charge my !#@*^& phone. I look around. Good to know I'm not the only one.


I grab a burger and fries while my phone charges. I'm keeping it in my sight. Much as this place is paradise, you can't be too careful.


Oh, thank the Gods my phone is still here. I whip out my schedule. I flip ahead. That sounds really interesting. Not sure if my phone is fully charged yet. It's a moot point. For what I want to do, I don't have time to second-guess anything.

I just hope the line isn't too long.



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