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Monday, July 22, 2013


I had a really great time at the Roger Rabbit panel. So much about that movie I didn't know.

Well, I certainly know where I'm going next.


Much like lush orchestral scoring and eye-catching title design, fully illustrated movie posters seems to be a dead (or dying) art. The recently retired Drew Struzan is the subject of this panel. Apparently, there's a film coming out that takes a look at his career. Should be neat seeing clips from that.


Neat panel. It's so tempting to head over to Jerry Beck's "Worst Cartoons Ever" panel, mainly to ask Beck why his own creation "Hornswiggle" isn't in the program (I caught it once as part of Nicktoon Network's "Random Cartoons" and - take my word, folks - it is fucking ghastly).

However, since I already took in the panel three years ago, I decided to take these Struzan posters up to my room. Really glad I brought my poster tube now.


Okay, I'm starving, but where to go for dinner? I pass by the Indigo Ballroom. Better check the schedule..."Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards".

Hmmm. Never been to an awards ceremony...well, an entertainment-themed one, anyway. Could be fun.

Oh, my God. Maurice LaMarche walked on stage. I'm definitely staying for this.


That was engaging. I caught myself nodding off a few times, but mainly because I was tired. Still, I'm a little hungry.

"Hey, stranger."

I turn around. "Hey, yourself."

"What you been up to?"

We spent the next half-hour catching each other up on our days. She reached into her bag and pulled something out.

"No way. The 'Fanboys vs. Zombies' trade paperback."

"I was curious."

"You didn't spend too much, did you?"

"No, Mom."

"I wonder what else you bought."

"Yes, you will. I'm hungry. I wonder if there's an open restaurant around here."

"I know a place on 4th..."



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