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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Saturday, 12:12am

It's amazing how lovely the Gaslamp Quarter looks at night. The lights, the sights, the people. Probably a cliche, but it's...magical.

Following dinner at La Puerta, Angie and I walked around, giving the food a chance to digest.

"Man, you were right about that place."

"I know."

"We gotta go there again."

"Well, tomorrow is another day...wait." I check my watch. It's already tomorrow. "Today's another day."

"Oh, before I forget..." Angie pulls out the card and sticks it in my hand. "$314 left. Don't spend it all in one place."

"I'll try not to."


Being the gentleman I am, I open the door of our hotel room. Angie falls into her bed, laughing. She has such a nice laugh. Sucks that I don't get to see her that often.

I smile as I watch her pull the covers over herself.

I get into my own bed. This was a pretty nice night. Can't wait for the morning.


Oh, crap. I overslept. Angie's already dressed. Better jump in the shower.


"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". I missed last year's panel, but I guess I owe it to myself and Angie to make it this year. Got my "Iron Will's Rules of Assertiveness" shirt on.

My, but there are a lot of people in here. Nearly all of them in some kind of shirt or cosplay. Amid the bustle and chaos of Comic-Con, the sense of community and belonging can't be beat.

The moderator starts to speak. What she's saying doesn't matter much. The roar of the crowd builds up. Everyone cheers. Ah, what the hell?


"Awesome panel."

"I know." I rifle through my bag.

"What'd you lose?"

"My schedule", which I pluck out. "So, where're you going?"

"'Breaking Into Comics with IDW'. You?"

"'Gravity Falls'."

"Crap. I like that show."

"No law that says you can't come."

"Okay, I'm coming with."



The 'Gravity Falls' panel lets out. Hilarious footage, and I got a cool group cosplay shot. I noticed Angie getting in on this action, then she skipped out. Probably had some place to be to get a good seat.

I check the schedule. Sweet. The 'Futurama' panel! Whoa. A 'How I Met Your Mother' panel. I guess CBS figured that they got an audience for "The Big Bang Theory", so...

Screw it. I'm going to the 'Futurama' panel...if I can get in, that is.



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