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Friday, July 26, 2013


When I walked in, I had to submit my name. "Name That Movie", the panel is called. There's a chance I could be called to participate.


I am having so much fun here. I'm so excited at how many movies I was able to identify (I was able to name at least 40% of them based on reputation and reviews I've read). This one guy dressed like the 8th Doctor (or is it 9th?) is nipping at my heels, but I think I can best him.


Got a lot of cool prizes from that panel...and I'd like to say some adulation. I know one thing: this stuff's gonna be a bitch to check in at San Diego International.


'Spotlight on Leonard Maltin'. Some interesting tidbits here, though a small part of me wishes that there will be a part where the audience can ask questions.


Ask and ye shall receive. I rush to the line, twenty people deep.


Crapballs. Someone asked my question, and with three people left. "Is there a negative review you wished you could take back?" Maltin's answer: Blade Runner.

I have my own list of negative reviews I wish he'd take back. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Cats Don't Dance are at the top.


I'd really like to hit La Puerta, but it wouldn't be right without Angie. I wonder what she's up to?

artbyangieg: 'Lion Forge Comic panel. Amazed at their titles. #SDCC'

Okay, that's...Room 26AB. Better get to it.


"Hey, stranger."


"La Puerta?"

"La Puerta."


Okay, it's one thing to face a long line for a panel, but a long line for a restaurant...that's just dirty pool.

Fifteen people stand between us and dinner.

"Any chance we can get out of here?"

"But I want to eat."

"Dude, there are plenty of places to eat around here."

"But I really like this one."

"Maybe we could hit up a party."

"Fine, but no alcohol."

"Why, you driving somewhere?"

"No alcohol!"

"Okay. Good grief."


Had dinner at some seafood place. Not really my thing, but not bad.

"Hey. There's a party."

Angie drags me over toward a building with lights and pounding music.

"It sounds like fun."

"It sounds like deafness."

"Don't be such a stick in the mud."

I try not to be, for my sake as much as hers. Still, I've got a weird feeling here.



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