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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

What do you propose?

In the last couple days, I read about a pair of marriage proposals and how well they were (or weren't received).

One was apparently made on Reddit utilizing a bunch of memes. Even though the girl said yes (which must make her very forgiving or very easy; that does sound lazy), a number of commenters felt she should've turned him down.

The other was one of those big, splashy things that ought to be reserved for the realm of cheesy romantic comedies. The girl said no. While I'm unaware of the crowd's reaction to her decision, I support it. I mean, if you're going to the trouble of paying people off to make your dream happen and basically moving Heaven and Earth for a marriage proposal, before a huge crowd, you're pretty much guilting the girl into saying yes, and I get the feeling that she knew that.

The guy might be crushed now, but hopefully, he'll see it was for the best.

A marriage proposal ought to be a quiet, intimate affair. Save the splashiness for the wedding itself, I say.

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