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Monday, July 21, 2014


The crowd, some of whom are dressed like the characters, settles in for the "Gravity Falls" panel.


Kristen Schaal greets everyone as Mabel. The crowd goes nuts. Can you blame them?


That was some sizzle reel. August cannot get here soon enough.


And a script read. Okay, this is in the running for best panel this year.


Not sure what could top that, so I'm just walking around. May as well stop by IDW's booth and get that TP of "Indestructible" I've been avoiding. This is still Comic-Con, right?


I'm actually having a good time just sitting on the floor and watching people. Yet another Anna and Elsa.


I check my schedule. The 'Free Enterprise 15th Anniversary Panel' starts at 3:30pm. Sounds like a plan. I liked the movie. I flip the page.

Holy crap. The "Bob's Burgers" panel starts at 4:00. If my experience last night taught me anything, it's that overlapping panels will not work out in my favor.

"A hunter that chases two rabbits will catch neither." Read it in a fanfiction once. To this day, I have no idea who said it. I'll have to look that up when I get back.

May as well flip a coin.



"Bob's Burgers" it is. Damn, what a long line. Don't care. I'm getting in.


And so I did. I glance around. "Tina" from earlier is sitting a few seats down. No one's in my way. I scooch myself a couple seats closer. I don't think she notices.


Neat preview reel. Looking forward to the new season.


The panel ends. I'm still laughing at the Q and A, especially that one question about Louise.

I turn to "Tina". "Awesome cosplay. Can I get a picture?"

"You really don't recognize me?"


She takes off the glasses.



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