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Saturday, July 19, 2014


Didn't think this was worth mentioning because, hey, what are the chances it would apply to me, but Glen instituted a curfew for all of us. Dexter broke it and now, he seems to be gone. Okay, either he's been sent packing or he's...okay, that's a little out there.

I wake up and head for the bathroom. Perhaps, a shower will help me to relax.


"Okay. Second day of the Con. Just remember what I told you and you'll be fine."

I glance over to "Peggy". I'd really like to get to know her better.

"Anything you want to share with us, Shep?"

"What? No."

"Then why are you looking at Peggy?"

"I thought I saw a fire ant on her."

"There's nothing there."

"Eyes must be playing tricks."

I look away. No way did he buy that, but let's worry about that afterwards.


Pancakes and sausage. Very nice breakfast.


I drew '2'. Can't wait for today. I get on the shuttle bus. A lot of cosplayers staying in this hotel, most of them seemingly from anime.


'The Black Panel'. I've been curious about this for years, but I never could go. Other panels and all.

Really fascinating stuff.


On the convention floor. I've got time before my next panel.

Wow. That's a pretty good human Maud Pie. I have to get a picture of her.


Really liking this "Rocky and Bullwinkle" short. I can only wonder if it leads to anything more, like a feature. I still say the 2000 movie was too underappreciated.


On my way through the crowd. I see a dead-on Tina Belcher. The outfit, the hair, the's uncanny.

"Hey!", I call after her.

She rushes off. I try to follow, but the crowd is so thick.

I lose her. Was it something I said?


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