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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Well, I didn't hate it.


Now, I know of the mythology. I know of the characters. I know the classic moments through cultural osmosis and I've seen both entries in the rebooted franchise. Yet, I've never really gotten into "Star Trek".

So, why am I at the "'Star Trek' at 50" panel? I don't know. Something to do. Might learn a couple things.


Okay, I'm learning quite a bit here. I just might check out the reruns on Me-TV when I get back.


The show floor is still open. May as well get some prime people watching done.

Two more Anna and Elsa duos, the latter bringing along Kristoff.

Oh. Lady Loki. Must get a picture.

Whoa. Someone was truly committed to that Electro costume. Shame about the movie, though.


'Breaking into Animation Writing'

As has been said on ScriptShadow, if you walk out of a bad movie thinking 'I could do so much better', you will fail.

Conversely, with all the alleged cartoons airing on television today, I can't help but think that I can do better.


Wouldn't you know it? They had clips of the so-called cartoons showing us what we should aspire to. I think I need a shower.


Okay, this is much better. I've named (mentally, anyway) at least 30 of these movies, which is weird, given my generally low scores at Somehow, I think that someone else will have named all of them.


I didn't win, but damn, did I have fun. I'm headed next door. Hopefully, the guy guarding the door is cool.


The guy at the door was not cool. Too bad; 'Tournament of Nerds' sounded like fun.


Dinner at La Puerta. Southern Cal Burrito. (Why mess with a good thing?)


Okay, maybe two of them in one day was a less than smart idea...but damn, they were tasty.

I schlub my way to the shuttle bus stop. I really hope that none of my fellow Con-victs (or, why not?) are waiting. Glen seemed to be quite clear on that.

Oh. None of them are here. Probably partying. It's just as well. If I don't find a bathroom...I don't even want to think about it.

I'm going home. Good night.


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