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Saturday, February 26, 2011

This year's predictions.

Because everyone is so interested in my opinion on these matters, there are my picks for tomorrow's Academy Awards:

Picture: Toy Story 3 was enjoyable, but, really, do you honestly believe it will capture this honor? Black Swan, for its impressiveness, might be a little out there for Oscar voters. For different reasons, you could say the same of Inception. True Grit was a fine Western, but is the Academy in the mood for Westerns? I, personally, think that The Social Network deserves the prize. The themes of success and betrayal are universal, transcending any feelings of 'too-of-the-moment'. Still, I think they'll give it to The King's Speech. For me, this was a fine actor's showcase first and a compelling story second. Maybe I'm being generous, but I didn't respond as well as everyone else did to it.
Actor: I thought that Jesse Eisenberg was fantastic as Mark Zuckerberg, but (whatever my misgivings about the film) this is Colin Firth's award, no question.
Actress: I'm still kind of serious about Annette Bening having a shot since Hilary Swank was passed over...but, really, they may as well FedEx Natalie Portman the statuette.
Supporting Actor: Surprising that The Town received only one nomination. Jeremy Renner was good, but I think it really comes down to Christian Bale vs. Geoffrey Rush. It'll be Bale. I can feel it.
Supporting Actress: It kind of sickens me how people bitch about Hailee Steinfeld being nominated in the 'supporting' category. Maybe because they knew she'd get smoked in the 'leading' category? Doi! It'll probably go to Melissa Leo, but I'm pulling for little Miss Steinfeld.
Director: Fine work all around, but consider the fact that he made a movie about talking and net surfing interesting and how could it not go to David Fincher?
Original Screenplay: I already made my case about The King's Speech, but David Seidler worked for 20 years getting this film made. Perserverance like that ought to be rewarded.
Adapted Screenplay: I call ultimate bullshit if Aaron Sorkin loses this.
Editing: The Social Network. The switching between the trials and the main story was incredible.
Cinematography: Substitute 'Roger Deakins' for 'Aaron Sorkin', and those are my thoughts. Some chowderhead at a message board I post at felt that Deakins' True Grit cinematography nod was his quote-unquote 'least deserving'. I'd rather he won for something 'least deserving' than not at all.
Art Direction: The interiors in The King's Speech impressed me with their understated quality, but Inception could eke out a win here.
Costume Design: Much as I liked what Colleen Atwood did for Alice in Wonderland, Mary Zophres's designs for True Grit left a bigger impression on me.
Animated Feature: It's Toy Story 3. It was always Toy Story 3.
Animated Short Subject: A few weeks ago, I found myself in the interesting position of watching all of the nominated shorts in a theater. I wasn't as engaged by "The Lost Child" as I probably should've been, and I was more impressed with the various media used in "Madagascar" than I was with the short itself. However, "Let's Pollute" was very funny, but I doubt that it will translate to a win (the Academy hates comedies, you know?). "Day and Night" was a truly impressive Pixar short, so if it or the incredibly charming "The Gruffalo" wins, I'll be happy.
Live-Action Short Subject: I didn't stay for the live-action shorts. However, the story from The Crush intrigues me.
Foreign Film: There isn't a single damn movie that sounds appealing to me. Let's give it to the one from Canada...Incendies.
Visual Effects: Let's see: stuff exploding around people, cities getting folded over, 360-degree think Inception might win this one?
Sound: It could really go to anyone (I don't pay much attention to this when I watch movies), but let's just say...True Grit.
Sound Effects Editing: See previous category.
Makeup: I've only seen The Wolfman and even with the unfortunate CGI augmentations, Rick Baker still has the gift.
Original Score: I feel that, of the nominated scores, Powell's How to Train Your Dragon is the most the Academy will, of course, puss out and give it to The Social Network, the one nomination it does not deserve. Then again, cooler heads prevailed last year in a similar 'ambient score for a likely Best Picture vs. a lovely score for an animated movie' situation.
Original Song: I'm going with "I See the Light". A very pretty tune, even if Alan Menken has enough Oscars.
Documentary Short Subject: Apparently, The Warriors of Qiugang was co-directed by a Thomas Lennon. Probably not the one I'm thinking of (he of Reno 911 and The State), but it's interesting to think about.
Documentary Feature: I'll say Restrepo. I like the title.



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