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Thursday, March 28, 2013

S*P*Y*S (Jerry Goldsmith)

A botched operation results in the deaths of two KGB agents. Citing a policy that demands 'a body for a body', CIA men Griff (Elliot Gould) and Brulard (Donald Sutherland) are targeted for termination, by the KGB and, ultimately, the CIA!

20th Century Fox vainly hoped to replicate the success of M*A*S*H with this sporadically funny lark. The two stars do their best, but, suffice it to say, writers Malcolm Marmorstein, Fred Freeman and Lawrence J. Cohen are no Ring Lardner Jr.

Much like Bill Conti's later work on Neighbors, Jerry Goldsmith's score, for good or ill, has a way of sticking with you, trying to poke the funny bone when the film does not.

1. Main Titles 3.00
2. The Getaway 2.51
3. Dress Up 1.41
4. Goodbye 0.25
5. Sybil's Pad 1.36
6. Hanky Panky 2.25
7. Hand to Hand Combat/Lunch Date 1.40
8. Surveillance 1.09
9. Slow Boat to London 0.56
10. No Place for Guns 0.28
11. Dog Sitting 0.58
12. Punctuation 0.45
13. Caught! 0.29
14. Chinese Fishing Boat 0.05
15. Follow the Leader 1.54
16. Tools of the Trade 1.20
17. Uninvited Guests 3.41
18. Wedding Chaos 2.54
19. End Credits 2.22

As I understand it, there's a British version of this movie featuring a far more serious score from John Scott. Much like Varese CD Club did with Neighbors, I imagine a release of this music, paired with Scott's serious music. It practically sells itself, don't you think?



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