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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Random Thoughts - just postin' stuff.

- In planning my trip to Chicago (hard to believe I'll be attending c2e2 at the end of the month), I've learned that my hotel is next to a restaurant called Yolk. I looked up the menu and...well, I just can't wait. I've printed out the menu; I'm planning on doing my own version of March Madness, choosing 20 different breakfasts and narrowing them down to three.

- Recently, I've gone through all the receipts I've accrued in the last couple years of buying soundtracks. It makes me that much more glad I've decided to ration my purchases to spending $100 every couple of months (but if something threatens to go out of print, I'll have to bend).

- Getting back to c2e2, there seems to be even less that interests me than at New York Comic Con (even though they are both run by the same people); i.e. no panels about upcoming films. Still, there's trivia contests, Patton Oswalt and the sure-to-be-awesome cosplay, so, yeah, I'm sure to have a good time.

- Well, ABC's evil plan worked, the cocksuckers. The ratings for last Friday's episodes of "Happy Endings" were not good. The show's cancellation is imminent, but at least the show went down swinging; both episodes were hilarious.

- Speaking of dumbshit network execs slitting the throats of golden geese, Cartoon Network seems content to burn off its remaining episodes of "Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated", which managed to be the finest SD incarnation yet. But the network can't promote "Incredible Crew", "The Amazing World of Gumball", "Ben 10: Omniverse", "MAD" and "The Looney Tunes Show" enough, so that's what matters, yes?

- Not sure what happened to Script Frenzy, but I think I should knock out a script in 30 days anyway. If only I knew what I was going to write.



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