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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Favorite Halloween scores - Day 3.

One of the most durable horror conceits is vampires, and yet, they can be killed and repelled in so many different ways.

Favorite score for a vampire movie:

5. Interview with a Vampire (Elliot Goldenthal) - Goldenthal provided an appropriately eclectic mix of styles to chart the life of a reluctant vampire.

4. Sundown: the Vampire in Retreat (Richard Stone) - A family finds themselves stranded in a town full of bloodsuckers in this vampire Western, for which the late Stone provided a rousing main theme and lots of energy.

3. Priest (Christopher Young) - Thankfully, Young cared very little for how cheesy and campy the film was and gave it a lively score, anyway.

2. Dracula (John Williams) - One of Williams' few horror scores is carried by its romantic main theme.

1. Daybreakers (Christopher Gordon) - The uneven but entertaining thriller benefited greatly from Gordon's lush and (forgive me) full-bodied score.



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