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Sunday, July 27, 2014



"What's up?"

"Just having some lunch."

"Yeah, I can see that. Any plans for later?"

"Well, I'm gonna go to the 'Big Trouble in Little China' panel. You?"

"I wanted to go to the Weird Al panel, but tickets sold out, so I'm going to the 'Spotlight on Willie Ito'. He's this animator who worked with Chuck Jones and animated on "The Flintstones" and Lady and the Tramp."

"Sounds awesome."


An awkward silence.

"Are things really gonna be weird between us?"

She shrugs. "They shouldn't have to be. You're a great guy."

"I try."

I dig back into my burrito.

"So, you seeing anyone else?"

I almost choke. Would she be mad if I was? "I haven't really found anyone yet."

"Oh. Neither have I."

Was that a hint? Does she want us to be a thing? Why can't girls be more overt about this? It would save countless amounts of trouble.

"Well, I'll see you."

"Take care." I take a huge sip of root beer to get my breath back.


Back at the Con. Something happening outside the show floor. Pinkie Pie confronted by Marvel's god of chaos.

Okey dokey Loki, indeed.


I've really been digging the Big Trouble in Little China comic, which is odd when you consider I've only seen bits and pieces of film. Just another one of those things I never got around to.

Still, I can't wait to see where the comic goes. Pretty cool how so many follow-ups that likely wouldn't have been produced otherwise are appearing in comic form.

The mind boggles at how many follow-ups I'd kill to see, even as mere comic books.


The panel lets out. I head for the show floor.

A crowd gathers around. I hear snatches of whispers: '...most expensive comic...' '...give my left nut...' '...been showing it off for fifteen years...'

Action Comics #1. Must be a sight.


I really liked "Gargoyles" when I was a kid, so of course, I felt I should attend the 20th anniversary panel. Should be fun hearing about what went into making it.


What a panel. I thought I was going to go deaf when Keith David took the stage.

"Hey, you!"


"You got to stop being so surprised to see me."


"So, any plans for tonight?"

"I just thought I'd turn in early. There's nothing going on."

"Seriously, grandpa? There's always something going on."

She drags me off.


"...all I'm saying is that they probably shouldn't have put a deaf guy behind the wheel."

"I just hope that poor woman is okay."

"Me too."

She still has me by the hand. Afraid I'll run off, probably.


Don't think I've been here before. A lot of people here having fun. After all this time, I'm still worried about looking foolish in public?

Ah, what the hell.


It happened again. I can hardly remember what happened and I'm breaking curfew. Whatever happened to Dexter and Valk, I really don't want to happen to me. I want to be here for Saturday.


I head for the room, unsure of what yarn I need to spin to avoid "disappearing".

I open the door. "Glen, I know what you're going to say, but..."

"Save it, Shep." Monty greets me.

"Where the hell were you?" Lila stares at me from bed.

"Getting lucky, from the looks of it." Peggy points at my neck. I run to the mirror. A hickey.

Monty shrugs. "I guess I can't be too mad. Oh, and Glen's not here."



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