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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Because it's October...

A lot of people watch horror movies throughout the month of October. (Don't believe me? Visit Letterboxd some time.) This year, I will be one of them. Here's a schedule of what I plan on watching on various platforms (Netflix, theatrical, YouTube, etc.):

1. Burying the Ex
2. House on Haunted Hill
3. Theatre of Blood
4. Night Life
5. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
6. Mr. Boogedy
7. Bride of Boogedy
8. Hellraiser
9. Dead Silence
10. It Came from Outer Space
11. This House Possessed
12. The Faculty
13. Carrie
14. Sleepy Hollow
15. Scream
16. The Shining
17. Crimson Peak
18. Willard (1971)
19. Willard (2003)
20. Devil
21. Sorority Row
22. Trick 'r Treat
23. Rosemary's Baby
24. whatever's airing on Svengoolie that night
25. Dark Night of the Scarecrow
26. Tourist Trap
27. The Nightmare Before Christmas
28. The Thing
29. Fright Night
30. Halloween/Night of the Living Dead
31. Scouts' Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

I'd have found a place for Cooties and The Final Girls if I had any kind of certainty that I'd be seeing them in October. VOD releases...Jesus Christ.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Nothing new to report (other than trying to find a new job, my bum feeling much better and approaching my screenplay from a new angle...okay, that is a bit to report).

Listening to Hans Zimmer's Pacific Heights. The music during the 'Melanie Griffith fucks Michael Keaton's shit all the way up' sequence may well be some of my favorite in all of film scoring.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Because of a recent sigmoidoscopy, it feels like I'm passing broken glass.

At my workplace, I've been transferred to a department where I understand less than I did at the previous one (I know that what I'm being taught is in English, but it's not arranged in a manner that resembles English)...and I learned that if you don't reach certain goals, they cut your hours.

Because of all of this, I lack the inspiration to complete the projects I really want to get done.

Is this the life anyone dreams of in their youth?

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