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Monday, February 14, 2005

Something to share...

First of all, let me just apologize for failing to acknowledge Jerry Goldsmith's birthday last Thursday; I was unable to because of technical glitches at this site. He would have been 76.

So today is Valentine's Day. While I'm not bitter enough to consider it meaningless claptrap engineered by greeting card companies to push product, it sucks just the same that I've no one to share it with.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Yes, I am alive.

So sorry that I've been away. There are a thousand excuses I could spew out here, but let's just say that I was busy. I promise that I'll be writing more. In fact, it's (more or less) something I agreed to give up for Lent - not writing. Not just this blog, but reviews for TV Tome (Kim Possible; do check them out), as well as assorted items that I hope to use to change my life for the better.

BTW, today marks the 73rd birthday of one of film's finest composers, John Williams! So pop in a Williams score - I know that everyone out there has at least two - and celebrate. I'm currently listening to the magnificent Oscar-nominated Raiders of the Lost Ark. Amazing what you can find for eleven bucks in a used CD bin.