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Thursday, September 29, 2016

31 days of horror...again.

Much like last year, I will be watching a horror movie every day in October. However, I've lost Netflix in the interim, so I'm gonna be leaning extra hard on YouTube this year.

(I'm not listing the movies by date because you just never know what can happen.)

Dracula (Langella)
Dracula (Lee)
Don't Go to Sleep
FDR: American Badass
The Frighteners
From Dusk Till Dawn
The Manitou
Motel Hell
Poltergeist II: the Other Side
Poltergeist III
The Prowler
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Savage Harvest
The Supernaturals
Terror in the Wax Museum
Trick or Treat
Visiting Hours
Young Frankenstein


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ghost in the Machine (Graeme Revell)

One night, on his way to his latest crime, the Address Book Killer (Ted Marcoux) dies in the hospital. Good news, right? Not so fast. His soul leaves his body and starts roaming the electrical circuits of Cleveland, eager to continue his spree. As a follow-up to the weakest of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, director Rachel Talalay took on this project. Just as dumb as its premise would suggest.

Still, Graeme Revell (where has he gone to?) provided a fine score, highlighted by a wonderfully creepy main title cue.

Ghost in the Machine
music by
Graeme Revell

1. Main Titles 2.59
2. Josh 0.28
3. Dinner at the Yardley's 1.33
4. "Don't touch that." 0.15
5. The Address Book/Bram Walker 0.56
6. Karl 0.52
7. Driving in the Rain 0.18
8. Trip Through the Cemetary 0.56
9. Power Surge 0.55
10. Searching the System 0.24
11. The Address Book Killer 0.26
12. Terry's Records 0.09
13. Overdrawn 0.27
14. Touch the Screen 0.37
15. "What's going on?" 0.35
16. First Name on the List 0.06
17. Microwave Murder/The Nightmare 3.27
18. Karl's Apartment 1.42
19. Terry 0.07
20. The Fuse Box 1.46
21. Arcade Search 0.12
22. Karl's in the Game 0.57
23. Looking for Axle 2.39
24. First Attempt 0.47
25. Second Attempt 0.42
26. Hot Date 0.35
27. "Are you all right?" 0.19
28. Phone Calls 1.38
29. The Baby and the Stove 2.14
30. The Garbage Disposal 0.28
31. The Babysitter 0.20
32. Leaky Dishwasher 1.04
33. Josh Discovers the Pattern 0.19
34. Phone Tag 2.07
35. A Near Crash 1.10
36. Access Blocked 1.26
37. False Alarms 0.58
38. Mom's in Shock 0.17
39. Running the Virus 2.40
40. Final Showdown 7.15
41. The End of Karl 1.24
42. End Credits 4.01


Monday, September 12, 2016

At work today, where I did inventory on a 7-Eleven for the first time, I ran across Hostess Orange Cupcakes.

My dad would bring home Hostess snack cakes for the family when I was a kid and, even as a child of special education, I knew that those Orange cupcakes did not hit the palette right at all.

I think that they instilled in me - at that young age - that some foodstuffs just don't go together (looking right at you, you bunch of let's-put-bacon-on-fucking-everything-even-the-desserts sociopaths).


Thursday, September 08, 2016

"It's just a mouse!"

Given Varese Sarabande's periodic expansions of their woefully short albums, it's not unreasonable to expect an expansion of Alan Silvestri's delightful score to 1997's Mouse Hunt.

A few weeks ago, I took it upon myself to arrange an album program to help the label along: Mouse Hunt: Complete Score Breakdown.

Sadly, the thread only saw a handful of posts...and among them was not the guy who started the whole Complete Score Breakdown idea. Of all the nonsense...

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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Yeah, so...I've been thinking. About my situation and the last few posts I've made. I'm still in that place, financially, but I may have been overreacting vis-a-vis my reaction to my situation. I'm not sure if I'm getting the typist position (and who knows what school they'll bounce me to for the next interview; school starts next week), but there are plenty of other jobs out there.

I was considering becoming a truck driver. They get paid a shit-ton and I can travel and be alone with my thoughts. Hand to God, I can't imagine a downside there. I put a script on the Black List and entered a couple of contests. It's just a matter of waiting until something happens. There could be other office jobs. Maybe, chemical testing. Working the drive-thru at Tim Hortons. Something to put me on the road to solvency.