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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mixed Nuts (George Fenton)

Lifesavers is a suicide hotline comprised of a small but dedicated staff. Unfortunately for them, amongst the well-meaning oddballs in their lives, they must contend with their eviction...on Christmas Eve. Fresh off of the success of Sleepless in Seattle, the late Nora Ephron (with her sister Delia) adapted a 1982 French film and while it was hardly her best work, the film is occasionally funny, with a fine ensemble giving it their all.

The score by George Fenton was mainly there to plug in the holes between a well-chosen assortment of songs, but it is engaging and ably interpolates a number of holiday chestnuts (personal favorite: the pounding take on "The Twelve Days of Christmas" in "Revenge of the Bladers").

Mixed Nuts
composed & conducted
George Fenton

1. Bladers Lose Their Tree 0.21
2. Requiem for a Tree 0.39
3. Phillip Comes Back 0.31
4. Christmas Eve Eviction 0.15
5. Felix 0.15
6. Gracie Storms Out 0.14
7. Chasing After Gracie 0.37
8. Catherine's Sadness 1.42
9. Fruit of the Month 0.32
10. Still Stuck 0.04
11. Rescuing Mrs. Munchnik 1.24
12. Locked Out 0.32
13. Felix Flips Out 0.12
14. Knocked Out 0.07
15. Phillip and Catherine Head Out 0.41
16. Dressing the Tree 0.09
17. Dr. Kinsky's Office 0.26
18. "Who is it?" 1.03
19. Gracie's Story 0.36
20. Catherine's Makeover/Wishing 1.29
21. Lonely Night 0.28
22. "Catherine, is" 0.59
23. Felix Runs for the Gun 0.36
24. Raining Fruitcake 0.13
25. "What can I do you for?" 1.15
26. Felix Returns 0.11
27. It's Not a Toy 0.33
28. Gracie Empties the Gun 0.13
29. Chris's Bad Luck 1.30
30. Phillip and Catherine 1.06
31. Gracie Has an Idea 0.47
32. Moving the Tree 0.32
33. Revenge of the Bladers 0.50
34. Felix on the Roof 0.37
35. Phillip Saves Felix 2.29
36. Gracie's a Hero...and a Mother 2.43


Friday, June 22, 2012

I once thought that I'd have to (theoretically) choose between the Taste of Buffalo and San Diego Comic-Con, but I recently learned that, this year, the former would take place July 7-8, while the latter is being held July 12-15.

If only I had more than enough money...and if only my co-workers weren't pre-occupied with other things (unemployment, sickness, time off)...and if the ticketing odds were ever in my favor, the second week of July (give or take a couple of days) could've been the best vacation ever!

Well, my best vacation ever, anyway.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Ten things you may not know about my trip to Manhattan.

And by 'you may not know', I (of course) mean 'I forgot to tell you'. In random order:

1. At that breakfast buffet on Monday, I got to sample a frittata. I totally want to work that into my routine.

2. There were a number of minor celebrities at the Con. One of them was Brian O' Halloran from Clerks. I fought the urge to go to his table and ask him if he was even supposed to be there today, because I'm sure that, in the 18 years since that movie's release, no one has ever asked him that before.

3. My copy of La La Land's Batman: Mask of the Phantasm soundtrack now bears the signatures of Kevin Conroy, Andrea Romano and Bruce W. Timm (who didn't even know that this was released).

4. I got to meet Tom Kenny and shake his hand. In addition to talented, a heck of a nice guy.

5. On Sunday night, I went to see The Big Year at a Regal Cinemas in Times Square (it was a choice between this and Footloose at the AMC across the street). I was one of four people in the screening room. The others were three women whose average age, I suspect, was 50.

6. My original plan had been to see Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. It was playing at a theater on 2nd Avenue. Given my unfamiliarity with Manhattan (and point #7), I had a certain squeamishness about venturing so far into the city.

7. The only real speed bump on the trip was the creepy Latino (Filipino?) guy that...honestly, it's been so long, I don't remember what he wanted, but I do remember running like hell to get away from him.

8. I snapped a picture of a billboard that featured a doctor with the nametag that said - hand to God - A. Ling.

9. Monday morning, I made a pilgrimage to Midtown Comics. This may well be the most interesting part of the list, so do pay attention. I had to check out of the Milford Plaza by a certain time and my shuttle bus to La Guardia was to arrive in the early afternoon, so I went up to 40th Street to check out their wares. Imagine my surprise to find that the store consisted of two floors of comics. Now, since I checked out, I'm carrying a suitcase, a backpack and a bag of action figures up and down two flights of stairs. It was at this moment that I figured, 'if I can do this and somehow not break my neck, there's not a goddamn thing on this planet I can't do'.

10. As I've mentioned, I love soundtracks. The urge to listen to the soundtrack to The Taking of Pelham One Two Three while riding the subway was overwhelming, but the ride was way too short. (I also stopped in front of the New York Public Library...and, yes, I hummed the opening music from Ghostbusters.)

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Sunday, June 03, 2012

And the winners are...

Hey, the actual show is on now (but I'm watching "Drop Dead Diva" and "Mad Men", which puts me well ahead of the people actually watching it), so...

best on-screen duo:
John Cho and Kal Penn, A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

best action sequence:
the sandstorm chase, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

best comedic performance:
Cameron Diaz, Bad Teacher

best villain:
Kevin Bacon, X-Men: First Class

best breakthrough performance - male:
Chris Hemsworth, Thor

best breakthrough performance - female:
Jessica Chastain, The Help

best female performance:
Viola Davis, The Help

best male performance:
Albert Brooks, Drive

best fight:
Gina Carano vs. Michael Fassbender, Haywire

best kiss:
Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, The Adjustment Bureau

best movie:
Super 8

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