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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Bride of Boogedy (John Addison)

While preparing for the town's big Halloween celebration, the Davises find that their ghost problem hasn't quite gone away. Eugene Levy is a welcome addition as a jealous store owner, but this is just more of the same.

John Addison's music, however, is just as engaging as ever. (I have a feeling that Intrada just may come through with these scores.)

Bride of Boogedy
composed & conducted
John Addison

1. Main Title 0.45
2. Spooky House 0.23
3. 'Tis Some Visitor 0.52
4. Family Haunting 1.18
5. The Warning 0.14
6. Not the Wind 0.20
7. House of Gags 1.49
8. Crystal Ball 1.01
9. Boogedy Calls Jen 0.33
10. Second Call 0.24
11. Boys Investigate 4.07
12. The Statue 0.52
13. Here Lies Boogedy 0.33
14. The Spirits Are About 1.08
15. The Seance 1.02
16. Paging Mr. Boogedy 3.06
17. Errand Boy 0.54
18. Sleep Floating 0.47
19. New Costume 0.44
20. Come to Me 1.11
21. Mid-Air Greeting 0.49
22. Ghost to Ghost 1.03
23. Someone to Control 0.26
24. Up and About 1.39
25. Opening the Door 1.12
26. Boogedy Returns 1.00
27. Going Ape 1.29
28. Lynch's Promise 0.32
29. Lucy Fest 2.31
30. It's Him! 0.20
31. Boogedy Takes Lynch 0.34
32. Wax Figures Come Alive 2.10
33. Cloak and Stagger/Lucy Fest 2 2:50
34. Bride of Boogedy 1.08
35. Calling Jonathan 1.48
36. Vanquished 1.27
37. One Last Gag/End Title 1.26


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mr. Boogedy (John Addison)

The Davis family moves to a new home, only to find themselves haunted by a ghost. Nostalgia's a funny thing: the way it can delude one into thinking that a movie from their past can still hold the same chills and thrills from that era. I only caught this a couple years ago, so I wouldn't know.

John Addison's score is quite charming, though; very much of a piece with his work from that era (a little "Amazing Stories" here, some Strange Invaders there...).

Mr. Boogedy
composed & conducted
John Addison

1. Main Title 1.04
2. This is Home 1.27
3. Shadowy Figure 0.16
4. Neil's Warning 1.07
5. Settling In 3.20
6. Where's the Bear? 0.24
7. Gesundheit 1.24
8. 'Slimy Footprints' 0.21
9. Dancing Toaster 0.27
10. Historical Society 0.28
11. History Lesson 0.46
12. The Widow Marion 0.39
13. Hanover's Deal 0.41
14. Boogedy Blows 1.17
15. Killer Ape? 0.45
16. Ghosts on the Move 0.32
17. Bad Time 0.22
18. Midnight Snack 0.45
19. Marion Visits 1.35
20. Ghostbluffers 2.26
21. Jonathan 1.11
22. Returning the Bear 0.25
23. He's Coming 1.09
24. A Real Ghost! 0.18
25. Reunited 1.10
26. End Credits 0.40


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

There's actually a word for this? I'll be damned. (Hardly a coincidence that most of the girls represented here are redheads.)

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Just found out that It had a scene where Pennywise ate a baby. Because the studio heads don't hate money, they cut it out.

And then there's mother!, which ends with a baby being eaten. That scene was left in and not only did the movie flop, but it made CinemaScore's list of most-hated movies.

There's a lesson in here somewhere.


Monday, October 16, 2017

Ghostbusters (the more recent one): Despite the improvised conversations and complete zero of a villain, I've seen far worse than this. And I'm pretty damn convinced that the role played by Ed Begley, Jr. was meant for Rick Moranis.


Saturday, October 07, 2017

"You said it was promoting a movie?"

April 1st saw the first episode of the third season of "Rick and Morty". Long story short, Rick expounded on a memorably maddened desire to re-attain Szechuan dipping sauce for McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. Apparently, this was more widely available in the summer of 1998 promoting the movie Mulan.

When it came to fast-food tie-ins from that summer, I was more about Burger King's Rodeo Burger for Small Soldiers (It's onion rings on a cheeseburger! What kind of communist would turn that away?).

Still, the idea of trying this got me excited, so imagine my surprise to hear that McDonald's would be bringing the sauce back for one day - today. Being the lemming that I am, I went to McDonald's in the hopes of seeing what the fuss was about. Given the line at the drive-thru and the crowd outside, I was far from the only curious one. Overhearing, variously, talk that there were only a handful of sauce containers left and that tickets were pre-sold that morning (something I still consider dishonest), I cut my losses and decided to dine elsewhere. (Looking up the locations at Foodbeast, the only other closest location was in Orchard Park and...well, sometimes, you need to know when to give up.)

On the way out, I actually heard someone yell out, 'Fuck McDonald's!'. He struck me as the kind of person who, if not one of those 'Ewww! Cooties! Yucky!' psychos whining about the writing staff, was certainly one of those people convinced that there's a much better third season finale out there than the one that just aired. Fandom is scary.

I've gotten more upset over much less than this. Still, given the time and energy, maybe I (and the others that missed out) could try making the sauce. Once again, Buzzfeed shows us the way.


Friday, October 06, 2017

A few thoughts about 1980's Fade to Black:

- At Aunt Stella's funeral, Eric is told that the space next to Marilyn Monroe's grave wasn't available. You could not stop me from saying the following if you tried: "Hugh Hefner beat you to it, the creep."

- There was an audio clip from Halloween, as if executive producer Irwin Yablans was reminding us, 'I did that, too!'. Too bad the guy that they got to voice Dr. Loomis didn't sound very much like Donald Pleasance. You'd think with Yablans behind this film, they could license the actual audio.

- Damn, Mickey Rourke was handsome back then. What the hell happened?

- Late in the film, the producer claims Cody's (Eric's) "Alabama and the 40 Thieves" (nice title, BTW) as his own. In fairness, I'd be mad enough to kill, too, if someone stole my idea and didn't give me due credit.