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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A few minor things:

- That 'how do I tell my folks about Fan Expo Canada?' thing kind of solved itself (I told them). Still, I am a touch concerned about how I tell them that I no longer have a job.

- Speaking of which, I plan to post a list/rant about what I hated about that job in due time. (Employers focus on Twitter and Facebook pages for potential hires, neither of which are linked to this blog.)

- Still gathering everything I need for my little excursion, like what I need when I get there...and what I'll need to cross the border.

- Thanks to one of the people I watch at deviant art, I've heard about a fascinating, short-lived comic that ran for four issues. If I find those issues up North, I promise to write about the series when I get back.

- Plotting out my trip, I see that all the places I'm going can be reached on foot. I wonder if it's too late for a Megabus ticket.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Long before Liam Neeson or Chuck Norris, there was one name in the field of memetic badassery in film: Charles Bronson. This mash-up shows that many of the trailers of his films seem to follow a common formula...and damned if it isn't a hoot to watch:


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Random thoughts - a stomach of vomiting butterflies.

Got a lot on my mind.

- Based solely on my resume, I am being courted by an insurance company, but the assurance of not letting things wait has devolved into a game of phone tag. Somehow, I don't think I'll be it.

- My laptop - that was practically like another limb - died on me. I took it to a repair shop, but he isn't 100% sure what's wrong with it. I'm waiting to hear back from him. Meanwhile, just in case, I'm awaiting a new one I won from ebay.

- There are far more stupid people than smart people working and shopping at the store. I'm not feeling too much remorse about giving my two weeks notice in the next couple days...

- ...but this leaves the uncomfortable question of money once I quit my job. I have a number of responsibilities and while there are a number of options open to me, I fear that they will not come soon enough.

- And, wimp that I am, I'm still figuring out the best way to spring news of my trip to Fan Expo Canada on my parents, while broaching the aforementioned points of a) not having my current job and b) not yet having a new job.

- Also, I'm still struggling with several aspects of that trip: what I need to cross the border, whether I should be concerned about my still-busted-but-crazy-expensive-to-replace speedometer, where exactly I want to go assuming I even make it to Toronto.

I think I'd feel a lot better if I had more confidence. Where do I even get that?


Monday, August 04, 2014

Silent Movie (John Morris)

Filmmaker Mel Funn (director/co-writer Mel Brooks) has a plan to save the beleaguered Big Picture Studios: a silent movie! But that could never work...or could it?

An interesting choice of material for Brooks following the one-two punch of Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein. Not every gag lands, but it is a real delight for those who get into it.

John Morris contributed a lively score for the film, from its bouncy main theme to the haughty melody for Engulf and Devour to the insistent motif for Marty Eggs' (Marty Feldman) failed pick-up attempts.

(Note: Some of the tracks run into each other in the film, making this perhaps the hardest track listing I've ever done, but I like to think I did my best.)

Silent Movie
music by
John Morris

1. Main Titles 2.43
2. Pregnant Lady 1.17
3. A Brilliant Idea/Big Picture Studios 0.47
4. Two Cigars 1.02
5. Good Luck 0.32
6. Silent Prayer/Fingers Crossed 0.56
7. Bad News/Next Big Hit 0.57
8. Slapstick Lives 0.11
9. Good News/Latest Fashions 2.34
10. Burt Reynolds' House 0.41
11. Over the Wall 0.19
12. The Shower/Tall Visitor 2.16
13. Burt Says Yes 0.13
14. Breaking News/James Caan 2.05
15. Broken Spring 0.14
16. A Little Snack 0.33
17. Getting the Story 0.22
18. City Skyline/Engulf and Devour 3.58
19. Happy Drive 0.29
20. The Wrong Dog Rag 1.25
21. Lunch Rush/Screening Room 1.02
22. The Day's Shooting 0.39
23. Mel's Promise 0.34
24. Liza Minnelli/Knight Time 1.31
25. Liza Says Yes 0.30
26. Get My Coat 1.36
27. Anne Bancroft 2.25
28. The New Flamencos 3.58
29. The Pause that Refreshes 1.15
30. At the Hospital 1.20
31. Hospital Rush 0.49
32. Bad Medicine 2.13
33. Going to Call Paris 0.40
34. Marcel Marceau 1.33
35. It's Paul Newman 0.37
36. Wheelchair Chase 2.54
37. The Board Gets a Raise 0.41
38. No Drinks/Dancing Fool 2.41
39. Vilma's Dance 3.02
40. First Date 4.07
41. Mel Drinks and Staggers 2.49
42. Looking for Mel/Lord of the Winos 3.07
43. Pile of Bums 0.41
44. Let's Make that Movie!/Sneaky Preview/Final Chase/Coke Dealers/That's a Wrap 8.31
45. Positive Response 1.38
46. End Cast 1.28