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Friday, August 04, 2017

Daniel Licht (1957-2017)

He started out as a protege of Christopher Young and that may have influenced his sound, but Daniel Licht had a way of providing just was needed for even the most disposable of movies (his resume including two Children of the Corn movies and two Amityville Horror movies).

It may seem hyperbolic, but I truly consider his score for the no-classic-but-better-than-its-reputation Stephen King adaptation Thinner not only his best, but it's in the upper tier of scores for King movies. The mood he established (aided immeasurably by the cimbalom) had an effect on me, enough to make me want to work with him on a movie*.

Another fine composer taken long before his time. It's just not right. He will definitely be missed.

* - Maybe this is a coincidence (and I apologize dearly for making this about me), but maybe I should be careful who I fancast as composers for genre projects from this point on. I've already missed out on Shirley Walker and Terry Plumeri. So help me, if anything happens to Richard Band before I get to work with him...

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